Welcome to PyroKnown

This website is dedicated to sharing knowledge and learning about biomass fast pyrolysis. In this process biomass is converted by thermochemical treatment into a versatile liquid - fast pyrolysis liquid. This liquid can be used for the production of energy, chemicals and biobased materials.

On this pyrolysis platform, knowledge is shared in four ways:

PyroWiki: all relevant information about pyrolysis is shared in this wiki.

PyroWebinar: webinars about pyrolysis and related projects.

PyroMovies: movies about all aspects of pyrolysis such as production, use, and application.

PyroLearn: In this section, courses about pyrolysis can be followed.

We hope that you will enjoy this website. If you have any further questions or if you want to contribute, please send an e-mail to info@pyroknown.eu.

This website was founded as part of the EU FP7 funded project EMPYRO.